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Any fans of gothic genre? If you've read 'Jane Eyre' or 'Rebecca' or even 'Frankenstein', you might enjoy this one. Mid-century Mexico never looked so eery (and you'll never guess what's coming).

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Curiosities and Co | ParisDoves
The first thing we did after we arrived in Paris — before we even made it inside the apartment where we’d eat fresh baguettes, drink supermarket-bought Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Ruinart and plan our daily adventures for the next month — was to find the nearest café and have a coffee. Because, coffee is life. We’d found our apartment fairly easily, which is no mean feat in the city. But when caffeine runs through your veins as much as exquisite cheese runs […]...
Curiosities & Co. | Paris
Sometimes you have to travel halfway around the world to go next door. If there’s one thing Paris has taught me, it’s that. Somehow, we were incredibly lucky to have rented an apartment in an amazing neighbourhood. In an old, cobblestone 16th century street in the middle of the Marais,...
As a child of the 80s, Bill Murray became a bit of an uncle figure to me. You know, like that random, oddball yet sharp-as-a-tack charming old man that turns Christmases and family get-togethers into screwball comedies? While his latter work has erred on the self-parodying side of things in...
Curiosities and Co | NYC
My stint in New York City feels just like yesterday. Unlike Perth, a city which greets you with all the trepidation of a young, doe-eyed virgin whilst offering endless days of summer and perfect waves – New York and all its dark, textured, unrivaled glory creeps under your skin like...
I blame it on the hand sanitizer.   No one ever realised that hoarding bottles of antibacterial goop was the gateway drug to collecting a two-month supply of toilet paper or baking banana bread. But then, no one ever really realised just how mad society would get over FMCG in the time of COVID-19.  First, we took care of our hands. Then, our butts. ...

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...books are mirrors: you only see in them what you already have inside you.

— Carlos Ruiz Zafon

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