Book Review Guide

What books do you review?

In the words of Captain Barbosa, these are “more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules”.

— As someone with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and literary works, I believe there is magic to be found in all corners and genres and topics of the reading universe.

— My aim is to highlight Australian writers and/or strong female narratives

— I review print, audio, epub.

— Books will be reviewed at my discretion. I generally don’t review self-published books. However, if it’s something that appeals to me, I’ll be in touch. Thanks to those who have already reached out!


How do you rate books?

5 = It was amazing — the Champagne of books.
4 = Really liked it. Close to perfect. Like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Close to a pretty perfect movie…. except for Kevin Costner’s accent, amiright?!
3 = I liked it. Had some issues, but not ready to get tissues. Like a Red Velvet Cake. Lashings of cream cheese and the ‘wow’ factor of red cake… but it tastes a bit… weird? But who cares! It’s cake.
2 = Meh. It was okay. I didn’t *hate* hate it, but then I didn’t hate Bridgerton, you know? (I just couldn’t stop watching, alright?! But like… it wasn’t great.)
1 = I did not like. This can go in the bin of books. See below.


Life is too short to read a bad book.

James Joyce


The irony in the above quote is that I figured life is too short to finish ‘Ulysses’, but that’s a conversation for another time.



What’s your fave book?

I’d be no closer to choosing a favourite star in the heavens.

However, I’ll always recommend the following: A Gentleman in Moscow’,Shadow of the Wind’ and ‘An Everlasting Meal’.

A colourful, curated blend of books, wine and creativity, with a soft spot for Australian work and female-centric narratives.

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